Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moving to Florida

It has been such a long time since our last post...

I just wanted to update you on our family. We are all doing well. Kevin and the children are in Tennessee and I, Susan, am in Florida.  Our family had been praying about the ministry the Lord would have us be a part of. We were feeling a strong desire to move to Florida. There is a fairly large population of Haitians in Florida and we were feeling like this may be something the Lord would have us join.

The opportunity came about for me to interview at a sister hospital (for lack of a better word - a hospital in the same system.) I went to Florida and interviewed on February 14, 2013 at Florida Hospital (FH) Celebration Health. They offered me a position full time days on their Labor and Delivery (L & D) Unit. After discussing this with Kevin and the family, I accepted the position.  I moved to Florida on April 1st and started at FH on April 8th.

Our intentions in me moving to Florida first was to first get oriented to my new role and second find a place to live. Probably less than a day after being in Florida, I was looking out of the balcony at the hotel where I was staying and was a bit overwhelmed at the city life. I was also overwhelmed at where to begin my search for housing. Now, I am not easily intimidated.  I am usually a "jump in without your floaty" kind of girl - except when it comes to roller coasters and heights ;(  I just didn't know where to begin.

I talked this over with Kevin and we decided we would wait until he got here to help me - and he may come earlier than the children so that when they got here, we could move right in to our new home. In the mean time, I am staying at an Extended Stay America (translation: a hotel room with a kitchenette.) This seems to be working out.

I have met with a realtor and talked with a mortgage broker. Rent is astronomical and so we are thinking of purchasing. Frankly, we are ready to settle for a while and allow our children a place to finish up schooling through high school.

Speaking of the children...They are all excited about the move - just in case you were wondering. It seems we always knew that Winfield, Tennessee was not where we were suppose to stay forever. It was a blessing to be a part of their community and to get to know some of the people and minister there, but there was always that feeling of being unsettled. We searched for a house to purchase - the Lord did not open any doors. We searched for content-ness - the Lord said, "Wait."  So, we waited.

And here we are...

I am enjoying my new position here in Florida. I am enjoying the city life. I am missing my family!! The plan is for me to go back to Tennessee on Friday, April 26th because Kali has her driving test on Friday and Skyla has her junior prom on Saturday. We are all excited about both. Kevin's last day of work in Tennessee is May 3rd and he will join me in Florida and search for a job and place to live at that point. He has already been searching for a job and has put in some applications. Please join us in prayer for where the Lord would have Kevin (and his family) to minister. Secular or commercial - God has a plan and ministry can take place in either of these.

Jessica's eighth grade graduation is on May 22nd and the plan is for Kevin and I to return to Tennessee for that great event and then transport our household (including the children and dog) to Florida that following weekend.  Grammy has agreed to stay with the children from May 3rd till our return at the end of May. My sister, Patty, has agreed to stay with Zach, my nephew that lives with my mom, till Grammy can return to her home after our move....Thanks family for your help.

So, your prayers are needed and here is what we are praying:

  • First of all - the Lord's will in our lives, regardless of what we think is best.
  • Ministry opportunity.
  • Housing that fits us well (family of 6) and that we can entertain in and hold small groups in for ministry purposes (ie: Sunday School Class events, youth gatherings, bible studies, etc.)
  • A job/ministry opportunity for Kevin - one that would adequatly provide for the family financially and physically (Kevin's presence in our lives) as well as be enjoyable and an avenue to bring glory to God.
  • Godly friends/mentors. People we can grow in Christ with. People/friends that we can enjoy getting to know, trust, and minister with.
  • A church that we can grow in - not because of strife but in love and strong teaching of the Word.
  • Friends for the children - friends that will grow with them in Christ, friends that will not lead them astray, friends that will be encouraging and trustworthy.
  • Schooling: for the children - schools that will grow our children academically and that they will be successful in, teachers that will be encouraging and teach in a positive manner, schools that will offer extra curricular activities that are appealing to our children (Josiah would love to play football again), schools that are safe and allow our children to enjoy. For Kevin and I: we are both thinking and praying about returning to school soon...Kevin for his masters and Susan for her bachelors of science in nursing.

I, Susan, have attended First Baptist Orlando and they have a Haitian Church meeting on their property. We are praying about possibly being a part of that ministry. Our hearts are still pulled to Haiti and we know that God is not done with us in that area. Please also join us in prayer for this area of ministry and our role in it.

We are sure there are many other prayer needs. We pray as the Lord leads us and we ask that you pray as the Lord leads you. He knows our needs and our hearts even before we do. Please put us on your daily prayer list and pray as He leads you.