Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ministry Opportunity Around Every Corner

We have been back in Haiti for 4 weeks (tomorrow). There have been many adjustments with new ministry avenues to venture down.

1. Israel, a young man that we have been getting to know since we moved here to Haiti, began a children's program in Arcahaie, a small town about 10 miles from where we live in TiTanyen. This program meets every Saturday at 3 p.m. in a small area belonging to Israel's family.

Israel loves to sing and play music, so, he is teaching the children to sing. He is also sharing a short Bible message each week. We have given Israel some children's books that share stories from the Bible. We pray he can use these to help teach the children about God.

We are also partnering with Israel to help feed the children every Saturday. As of right now, he is feeding the children a meal every other Saturday and just a snack on the alternate Saturday. It is a blessing to partner with Israel in the manner. Please lift him up to the Lord often. He is in need of wisdom and obedience to the Lord (as we all are). Also, pray for the children and families that are associated with this ministry. May hearts be changed toward the Lord and may He be evident in their lives for all eternity.

I don't have pics at this time of the children's program in progress. I will try to post some later.

2. Madame Filino, a lady who has worked for Global Outreach for 20 years and dear friend, has asked for us to partner with her in ministry to the prisons, sick people, and those hospitalized. Mme Filino is part of a group that goes out and visits people. I think they go out every weekend for visitation. During visitation, they pray with people, share the Word of God, and give some food to those they are visiting.

Mme Filino used to have a sponsor to help pay for the food and transportation for this ministry. This sponsor is no longer able to help. She is requesting help. She says she is needing $200 U.S. a month to pay for these items. She has asked me to pray and request help for this awesome opportunity. I am praying...and requesting your help. God has someone (or some people) set aside to help in this area. Is it you? Please join us in prayer, not only for the finances to come through, but also for the group members and those that are being ministered to. May God get the glory. Please contact us for more info and how you can give. Thank you.

I also request prayer for Mme Filino. Mme Filino lost her daughter in the earthquake. She says she is often sad and still cries allot. Please be in prayer for her and her family. Please pray that in her time of mourning, she will still find joy in the Lord, and that she will find her spirit renewed in the Lord and made complete.

On another note...Our children are adjusting well. Josiah is over with the group called Friendships. I saw him earlier with a nail gun in his hand. They are busy building homes. These homes are semi-permanent homes made of wood and vinyl.

Skyla is on her bed reading a book. This happens to be her favorite past time. She has also been working on making a blanket. It is one of those fleece blankets. I told her if she hurried up she could use it soon. I's only 95 in the house right now.

Kali and Jessica are sitting next to one another playing on the computer. It is nice to hear them getting along. The Lord blesses us moms with moments like these. Thank you Lord.

I thank each of you for your friendship and commitment to the ministry here in Haiti. Kevin and I begin language training again this Thursday, June 24th. I am praying that the Lord work a miracle in us and help us to not only speak the language effectively, but also bless us with hearing the language spoke to us. Please join us in prayer.

Please continue to pray for Susanna Whittaker. She is the 4 year old (I think) daughter to Cody and Maria Whittaker. She has a big sister, Isabella. Susanna and Isabella are pictured below. They are missionaries to Haiti. Susanna has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and is undergoing chemotherapy in North Carolina. I am praying for healing, pray with us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're Back...

We are back in Haiti. It was a true blessing to travel across the U.S. to see many friends, family, churches, schools, small groups, and organizations. We have been back in Haiti for two weeks and two days. I expected to get you all an update before now, but when I was not working, I was sleeping. I have been in bed early almost every night since we came back to Haiti. One reason for that is the heat and getting use to it again...I froze in the U.S. The second reason for an early bed time has been...I was exhausted from the 2010 Tour de U.S. We enjoyed our trip, but it was exhausting.

The children were apprehensive in coming back to Haiti. I want each of you to know that they have adjusted back to life here very well. They were even bickering with one another yesterday, so Kevin had them help move concrete block this morning for character building. They seemed to do a good job and when I pulled up to check on them after clinic this morning, I heard no bickering. PTL!

Kevin preached this past Sunday at Pastor Daniel's church in TiTanyen. I think it went well. I had the opportunity to invite the Pastor's wife over for a fellowship time. She came this morning to our home and we ate cookies and drank coff
ee. After that we had a prayer time. That was refreshing and she thanked me over and over again. I think she enjoyed our time of visiting.

There is a team coming this afternoon from New Work Fellowship in Hopkinsville, KY. There are 12 people on this team. Please keep them in your prayers as they minister here in Haiti.

I have much more to tell you, but not enough time right now. I will write later....luv ya'll!