Sunday, October 31, 2010

Earthquakes, Cholera, Hurricanes, Elections...

It seems to me that the Lord is just wanting us to draw close to Him. January 12, 2010 an earthquake devastates Haiti. October 21, 2010 a deadly illness called Cholera kills hundreds and causes sickness upon thousands. Now, they say a hurricane is slowly approaching Haiti.

Sometimes it makes me tired just to think about it. Possibly another blow for the people of Haiti to endure and I have only lived here for 16 months. I can only imagine how the people who have lived here there whole life must feel. I know there have been other tragedies, but I guess on the upside is there haven't been earthquakes to live or die through and they haven't been hit hard by deadly disease (that I am aware of).

What we need is prayer. To rely on the Lord, because He knows what is best for us and He desires the best for us. We (our family) are missionaries in a country far from our home, friends, family, and comforts that we are use to. Now, I don't know about you but, in my mind, before I became a missionary or ever thought we would become missionaries, those people where suppose to be closer to God. Their prayer life was strong, they spent hours in the Word of God, and they walked with God - hand in hand just like Adam and Eve did the the Garden.

I don't feel like that today. I feel as though I haven't made God a priority in my life. I try, but the activities of life, mission work, and family, seem to take over. Let me dream with you for a minute on how I would imagine my day going...

I wake up, talk with God as I lay in bed, and then finally rise. Enjoy a cup of coffee that my husband has already prepared (he actually does this for me already) and sit down with my Bible, pen or pencil, paper, and God. God and I then communicate, converse, listen, instruct (on His part), and be obedient (on my part). This could go on for a hour or for many hours. Just me and God. Hand in hand, enjoying one another's company. 
In this image, my husband and children do the same. Well, maybe not the coffee for the children. Then, after we have been filled and have received instruction, strength, and power from the Lord - we are off ministering and witnessing for HIM! Not in and of ourselves, but of God alone. When this is done by HIM, He receives the glory, as it should be in every instance of service for the Lord.

Is this how your day goes? Well, it's not how mine goes. The alarm goes off at 5 a.m. I lay in bed talking to the Lord, in and out of sleep for the next hour or so. I finally rise sometime around 6 a.m. (or 6:30 on a bad day). Grab a cup of coffee, try to talk with God as I go. Occasionally sit to read my Bible. Greet my husband (most of the time) and then off to shower and get ready for the day. Wake the children, give instructions to them, and then out the door to clinic, usually 5 minutes later than I wanted to leave. Enjoy the 45 second drive to clinic. Think to myself that I should have walked - it would have been better for me. Get frustrated that if I had left when I planned, I would have had time to walk. Then, remember that the Lord allows me the privilege to minister through nursing....put a smile on my face and walk into the clinic and greet those that are waiting at the door to come in (or already in cause Sheryl has made it there before me).

I enjoy ministering at the clinic. It is a highlight of my day. I enjoy nursing and helping people. I enjoy encouraging them and watching the healing process. Knowing that healing only comes from God, I am encouraged. My God loves me and desires the best for me. He also desires a deeper relationship than I am pursuing. Forgive me Lord.

I guess I am rambling...but you know what is on my heart now...

Cholera is still here, still affecting lives in Haiti. I am not sure of the death toll, but know it is greater than 300 and the number of ill has exceeded 4,000 people. A hurricane is on the way. Projected to be here by Friday. Thousands of people still live in tents from the earthquake destruction. Right now the weather is suppose to be slow moving which means allot of rain will/could be dumped on Haiti and the wind is suppose to be around 90 to 100 mph.

I can not imagine being a mom, living in a tent, and the rain pouring all around and into my tent. I can't imagine my children being cold and wet and I can't imagine them being hungry. My heart is heavy for Haiti. Please pray with us. God is able to move this storm or cause it to dissipate. Pray His perfect will be done!

I mentioned "elections" in the title - we'll have to talk about that later, but please be in prayer, not only for your government, but for the elections here in Haiti. People tend to riot, protest, and cause trouble during election time.

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