Sunday, October 31, 2010

Earthquakes, Cholera, Hurricanes, Elections...

It seems to me that the Lord is just wanting us to draw close to Him. January 12, 2010 an earthquake devastates Haiti. October 21, 2010 a deadly illness called Cholera kills hundreds and causes sickness upon thousands. Now, they say a hurricane is slowly approaching Haiti.

Sometimes it makes me tired just to think about it. Possibly another blow for the people of Haiti to endure and I have only lived here for 16 months. I can only imagine how the people who have lived here there whole life must feel. I know there have been other tragedies, but I guess on the upside is there haven't been earthquakes to live or die through and they haven't been hit hard by deadly disease (that I am aware of).

What we need is prayer. To rely on the Lord, because He knows what is best for us and He desires the best for us. We (our family) are missionaries in a country far from our home, friends, family, and comforts that we are use to. Now, I don't know about you but, in my mind, before I became a missionary or ever thought we would become missionaries, those people where suppose to be closer to God. Their prayer life was strong, they spent hours in the Word of God, and they walked with God - hand in hand just like Adam and Eve did the the Garden.

I don't feel like that today. I feel as though I haven't made God a priority in my life. I try, but the activities of life, mission work, and family, seem to take over. Let me dream with you for a minute on how I would imagine my day going...

I wake up, talk with God as I lay in bed, and then finally rise. Enjoy a cup of coffee that my husband has already prepared (he actually does this for me already) and sit down with my Bible, pen or pencil, paper, and God. God and I then communicate, converse, listen, instruct (on His part), and be obedient (on my part). This could go on for a hour or for many hours. Just me and God. Hand in hand, enjoying one another's company. 
In this image, my husband and children do the same. Well, maybe not the coffee for the children. Then, after we have been filled and have received instruction, strength, and power from the Lord - we are off ministering and witnessing for HIM! Not in and of ourselves, but of God alone. When this is done by HIM, He receives the glory, as it should be in every instance of service for the Lord.

Is this how your day goes? Well, it's not how mine goes. The alarm goes off at 5 a.m. I lay in bed talking to the Lord, in and out of sleep for the next hour or so. I finally rise sometime around 6 a.m. (or 6:30 on a bad day). Grab a cup of coffee, try to talk with God as I go. Occasionally sit to read my Bible. Greet my husband (most of the time) and then off to shower and get ready for the day. Wake the children, give instructions to them, and then out the door to clinic, usually 5 minutes later than I wanted to leave. Enjoy the 45 second drive to clinic. Think to myself that I should have walked - it would have been better for me. Get frustrated that if I had left when I planned, I would have had time to walk. Then, remember that the Lord allows me the privilege to minister through nursing....put a smile on my face and walk into the clinic and greet those that are waiting at the door to come in (or already in cause Sheryl has made it there before me).

I enjoy ministering at the clinic. It is a highlight of my day. I enjoy nursing and helping people. I enjoy encouraging them and watching the healing process. Knowing that healing only comes from God, I am encouraged. My God loves me and desires the best for me. He also desires a deeper relationship than I am pursuing. Forgive me Lord.

I guess I am rambling...but you know what is on my heart now...

Cholera is still here, still affecting lives in Haiti. I am not sure of the death toll, but know it is greater than 300 and the number of ill has exceeded 4,000 people. A hurricane is on the way. Projected to be here by Friday. Thousands of people still live in tents from the earthquake destruction. Right now the weather is suppose to be slow moving which means allot of rain will/could be dumped on Haiti and the wind is suppose to be around 90 to 100 mph.

I can not imagine being a mom, living in a tent, and the rain pouring all around and into my tent. I can't imagine my children being cold and wet and I can't imagine them being hungry. My heart is heavy for Haiti. Please pray with us. God is able to move this storm or cause it to dissipate. Pray His perfect will be done!

I mentioned "elections" in the title - we'll have to talk about that later, but please be in prayer, not only for your government, but for the elections here in Haiti. People tend to riot, protest, and cause trouble during election time.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Calm before...

The Cholera outbreak here in Haiti is slowing down.  We are enjoying the calming state that this illness is in. I was told today that usually with Cholera, there is a decline in cases and then a spike again.  I pray that there is no spike this time.  I pray this time is different. You know, Haiti is different from most countries (in my opinion) and so I pray that it is different in this case and there will not be another spike in this illness.

I have also been told that you cannot get rid of Cholera in the rivers. Haiti will need to learn to live with Cholera in its water source. That means that the hygiene practices we are teaching need to become a way of life for everyone. Please pray that the people here would take hold of that and adjust quickly. I have also been told that the body can build an immunity to Cholera. Pray that this will happen quickly for the people.

Haiti is able to over come this obstacle and survive this illness. I truly believe this. I believe that God is able to show favor upon the nation and rescue us from Cholera. That is my pray in conjunction with God being glorified in this. I pray nothing or no one takes the glory from God.

Saying all of that brings me to our family situation. I don't believe, at this time, we will try and take the family out of Haiti. Cholera will need to become a way of life, not only for the Haitian people, but also for those of us that choose to live here. Now, if the situation changes, we may reevaluate our plan.

The children seem to be okay with this. Kali had been complaining of some belly pain (I think due to stress), but she told me today that her belly hasn't hurt at all today.  PTL! I can remember when I was a child, going through tests and having to drink Maalox often to help with a sensitive stomach. Yuck, but I also know that I have learned to deal with some stressors of life - with the Lord's help. I pray this also for Kali and the rest of our family, that we learn to deal with the stressors of life in a positive way and allow the Lord to be our strength, wisdom, and source.

We take little things in life for granted like running water and flushing toilets. This is where our problem in Haiti comes in. Running water is often the river and flushing toilets are often a bucket or a hole in the ground (although we have seen it just about everywhere). Cholera is transferred through water, feces, and flies. Pray we can teach better practices without freaking people out and causing panic.

We love you all.  God bless.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Contamination is Moving Closer

If you have not read the previous blog.... read it first, then come back to this one.

There are many organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and people working together in Haiti to combat the bacteria that is infecting Haiti - Cholera.  You know we (Kevin and I) have expressed concern for our children's safety.

Bad news is the town about 15 miles from us, Arcahaie, now has a contaminated river. The bacteria is getting closer to us in the water supply. The good news is, we have spoken to the epidemiologist doctor that came in with Samaritan's Purse (SP) and he seems to think there is no need to evacuate our children at this time. From what I understand, this doctor has worked with Cholera for over 30 years, all around the world. He also said that because we have deep water wells (over 50 ft.) here on our property an we chlorinate our water, he is not concerned about our water becoming contaminated.  PTL!

However, I have been in brainstorming meetings all morning with SP and I am concerned a little.  My concern is not that our water source will be contaminated, but that flies can also carry this disease from one spot to another and I don't want to put them at risk.

Keep praying for us for wisdom and discernment. We want to be wise and not overlook our currently safe situation until it is too late and someone becomes ill. God bless and have a great Sunday worshipping our Lord corporately. We love you all.

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

A Cholera outbreak has come to Haiti.  Cholera is a water-borne bacteria and if it goes untreated, can kill its victims in a matter of a few hours to a few days. It moves quickly and the cause of death is dehydration from copious amounts of watery diarrhea and vomiting and/or electrolyte imbalance.

Haiti has not had a problem with Cholera in 50 years. It chose now to come and trample through an already devastated nation. Over 2,600 people have confirmed cases of Cholera and at least 208 people have died as a result of this bacteria.

As many of you know, we (Global Outreach Haiti) have had a team of five here from Pump Springs Baptist Church in Harrogate, TN. They had to leave early due to the unpredictability of this illness. There were talks of - if the illness reached Port-au-Prince(PAP), the country may have to shut down the airport.  We were told that the border to the Dominican has already been shut down. We did not want the team stuck here in Haiti for an unforeseen amount of time, so they left early.

PSBC Team along with the Bruns Family
and Sheryl Brumley

Samaritan's Purse helped organize a flight out of PAP to Cap Haitien, which is on the northern side of the island.  The team then caught another flight, a DC 3 (I think) in to West Palm Beach, Florida. They are overnighting there and will work on returning to Atlanta, GA and then to Harrogate, TN, tomorrow. From what I understand, which isn't much, they have had a long day of traveling and arrived around 9 p.m. tonight.  PTL they arrived safely.

We are taking the necessary precautions to combat Cholera. We are informing those who come to the clinic of the precautions they need to be taking in order to be proactive in this fight. We are praying for this to be contained and eradicated quickly. If at any time we feel like our children are in danger, we will seek to get them out of the country and on to safer ground in the U.S.

Pray with us that we will have the wisdom and discernment to know what to do and when to do it. Our desire is to glorify God in all we do and plant the seed of the Gospel as we minister to those around us.

Also, pray for the people of Haiti and the people in Haiti. I know that Haiti may not be dear to your heart like it is mine, but I ask that you try and remember, make yourself a note, to pray daily for these things. I know that our (and your) prayer lists grow daily, but I also know that the Lord wants to hear our petitions. Please pray for these needs.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Painting With PSBC

The team from Pump Springs Baptist Church painted yesterday in TiTanyen. Since shortly after the earthquake, with the generous givings of some in the U.S., Global Outreach has been constructing concrete and block homes for some in the village. We are now on number ? and we had a few that still needed paint.

Yesterday, PSBC helped paint. It was a hot day, but could have been allot worse. We were blessed with some cloud coverage and a slight breeze. The house that we began to paint yesterday, is almost finished. All will return today to finish up.

To have these homes sit empty until they can be painted seems sad. So, I am thankful for teams that come and are able to help paint them, so we can move a family in.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to a Bible study were Ian, from PSBC, shared his testimony. It was such a blessing to hear how God has and is working in his life. Many commented on how people stopped on the other side of the fence and listened in as Ian was sharing and Michael, a Haitian young man, was translating.  Keep spreadin' the Good New!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The team from Pump Springs Baptist Church in Harrogate, TN arrived safely to our compound by noon today. PTL! They are a team of five; Pastor Scott, David, Ian, Sherry M., and Sheri S.  They will be here for one week.

The team brought in, unpacked, and sorted much needed supplies today. They brought in medical supplies, engine parts/supplies, hygiene packs, computer parts, and Powerade. Thank you to all who donated supplies for this trip.  I pray the Lord's blessing upon you for your contribution to the ministry here in Haiti.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School in Haiti

School in Haiti should be in full swing by now.  Most Haitian schools began October 4th, but some waited until October 11th to begin.  Either way, all children that have the funding to go to school should have begun by now.

School is not free, like you may think it is.  It is amazing how a 3rd - or 5th as some would say - world country have to pay for so many things.  It almost seems unfair, then you really think about it.  They don't have government programs to help with funding the schools.  Teachers have to be paid, books and supplies have to be bought, and maintenance and upkeep have to take place.  Where does this money come from? Well, that is why they charge each student a fee to go to school.
The blan (white people) have interrupted class - yet again, but look at
those smiles - aren't they great!

Now, I am a supporter of uniforms.  I believe it helps level the playing field of the students. There are already so many other obstacles for children and teens to overcome, that I say, "Yes," to uniforms.  The down side to that is - so does Haiti. So, children not only have to pay for school fees, and some books, but they also have to buy their uniforms.  Now, they look very nice heading to school and when you peek into a classroom, the students look very professional sitting there (yes, even the little 3 & 4 year olds), but this can be a hurdle for some families to overcome.  I said "some," but I should have said "most."
We were doing a hat distribution - it helps
when you are walking to school each morning or afternoon.

Fortunately, many have committed to provide aid for those who are not able to afford the expenses.  Many missionaries and organizations throughout Haiti help children and teens (and often young adults) go to school.  They work on raising the awareness of the situation around the globe.  Global Outreach has not overlooked this need.  We do have a sponsorship program to help the local children and teens in our area.  The normal sponsored amount is $200 a year per person.  This amount usually helps pay for all of the child's fees for the younger children and supplements the older children's expenses to help make it possible for them obtain an education.

If you are interested in helping in this area, please feel free to contact us.  Also, we request your prayers for the children/teens attending school, for the teachers, aides, and staff of each school, and for the families of all. May the Lord bless Haiti's people and the work being done here and may HE get the glory.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brain Dead

Have you ever felt brain dead? I mean, have you ever had times in your life when it seemed you could not remember anything? That is how I feel these days. I think homeschooling this year is trying to do me in.

I have come to the realization that the Lord has given me two main mission fields. The first is my family. How would the Lord have me to minister to my husband and my children? Now, I know I said "my" and technically they are HIS, but you know what I mean... I often find this mission field the most challenging. Some things in life you can walk away from at the end of the day. Family is still there. For that, I am thankful and also exhausted.

The second mission field is the world around me and right now that is in Haiti. Now I could say the Haitian people, but I don't believe it stops there. It is anyone and everyone I come in contact with at any given time. I am to be open to minister to that person or persons as God sees fit. Now this seems to be the part where I have trouble. "God what would you have me to do, what would you have me to say, how would you have me to act or react?" These are the questions I need to be continually seeking the answer to.

Back to my family...

Home schooling my children this year has been a challenge. First, we struggled with being able to connect to the internet and stay connected. We got that worked out. Then we struggled with the new curriculum. It seems to be harder than last year's curriculum. "Taking notes...what's do I do that...what do you mean I'm not working up to my potential?" These were all questions coming from my crew.

This year we have a 9th grader - Skyla, an 8th grader - Kali, a 6th grader - Jessica, and a 5th grader - Josiah. Most of the kinks are worked out for right now as far as their curriculum goes. We were blessed earlier in the year with donated laptops for the family and this has helped in the schooling process. As I walk into our home after clinic each morning, I see four computers up and running...except this past Friday.

Here were the events of last Friday...

I wake up, fall into my morning routine, eventually get in the shower and work toward getting to the clinic by 7:30 a.m. While in the shower, the power goes out...time to switch the generator over. This is done every 4 or 5 days - perks to living in Haiti with no public electricity. I finish getting ready for the day and I head out to check the computer, you see, they weren't turned off before we lost power and computers don't like the sudden loss of electricity. Jessi's laptop usually has trouble coming back on after an experience like that, so I head to hers first. It comes on nicely - PTL. Josiah has our old desktop and his was next. I try to turn it on and it won't work...I try several times with no luck. I stop and pray about it, try it one more time and have to run out the door to clinic without his computer working.

Clinic went well. Finished up there around 9:15 a.m. and headed home. I walk into the house, get bombarded with questions, take off my shoes, wash my hands, pet the dog, all while trying to answer the questions of the moment. Then, without a second thought, I head to Josiah's computer and push the button. Josiah is steadily talking in my ear, follows me over to his computer and after I try to turn it on he say, "Mom - I got it working already." So now the computer is shutting down - can't stop it at this point, so I bow my head in frustration.

After the computer shuts down, I turn it back on after giving it a rest. It comes back on, but won't connect to the internet. Live and learn - always check to see if the computer is working before you push a button. Needless to say, the computer never would connect to the internet, so Josiah was not able to complete his online classes for the day. Good for him - bad for me/us - cause now he is behind. Gotta love it. I just checked his computer and tried to reset the internet (today is Sunday) - still not working.

Thank God Pump Springs Baptist Church is coming soon. They will be here October 20th and there are multiple reasons I am glad they are coming. The first reason is because I am excited to expand the ministry here in Haiti to new hearts. It always amazes me as to who and how Haiti touches the lives of those who come. Second, I am excited to see old friends and make new friends. God has placed each person in our lives for a reason - may we bring HIM glory. There are many more reasons, but the last reason would be that they are able to bring needed supplies to Haiti and one of those supplies is a wireless adapter for Josiah's computer. Yippee!

I do have a prayer request that I have not shared publicly yet...

I feel a deep desire to go back to school to get more training. I would like to get my Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner's license. I have been looking at both some online programs and programs that we would have to return to the states to attend. I am praying for direction. I am asking that you join with us as we pray. I want the Lord's will. I love serving here in Haiti and this is why it makes this decision more difficult to make. What would HE have us to do? Pray for discernment and obedience.

By the way, Kevin recovered from his week of injuries and mayhem (see past blog for this). Thanks for the prayers.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Note From the Headys

Dear  Prayer Partners,
Our  grandson.. Paul Pegram ...son of our son and daughter-in-law David, Jr and Betsy  was killed in a tragic traffic accident yesterday morning. He was riding his bike and was struck by a car.  He was an eight year veteran of the  Louisville, KY Metro  police department and was training to join the bike patrol. .  He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.   Please pray for the entire family. .
  The visitation will be Monday from 12 to 7pm EDT at the Pearson Ratterman Funeral Home at 12900 Shelbyville Rd. Louisville, KY  40243
  The funeral will be held at Southeast Christian Church  920 Blankenbaker Pkwy, Louisville, KY  on Tuesday Oct 2nd at 10 am.
The family has asked that in lieu of flowers that donations be sent to any  Fifth Third Bank in the Louisville area  %  Paul Pegram Scholarship Fund.

In His Grace,

David and Judy Heady

Global Outreach Haiti
TiTanyen, Haiti!v=RhVwXO1oRLU